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All activities at the Learning Tree are oriented towards expanding the mind of the child rather than just keeping a child busy. Activities are selected on the basis of their contribution to a child's holistic development. Fine motor development and finger dexterity is stimulated through finger painting, a child's imagination is sparked by the chance to create things using different materials. Yoga, exercise, music and dance all play a very important role in a child’s development at the Learning Tree.

Some of the activities at Learning Tree are 

Structured Play: We introduce Structured Play with the help of a play-therapist so that the child understands the rules of the game, team spirit, fair play and social interaction.  Children are asked to form their own teams and play without adult supervision after some sessions.  This allows all children to be part of all activities and get accepted by everyone alike.

Spin a Story: The teacher narrates short stories to the children.  She keeps asking the children what will happen next ? This allows the children to think of various outcomes to a situation and helps them to see what is the positive and negative aspects of life.  Morals and good values are taught to the children in a subtle manner.

Make your Own Song:Children are encouraged to modify nursery rhymes and add more colour, meaning and new ideas.  This gets out the creative streak in each child and also reflects on their personal likes and dislikes.




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