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Parents who have enrolled their child with us should abide by the following to help us work together for the child’s progress...

  1. Please make it a point to notify us in case of absence either by calling us or giving us a leave note if you know your child cannot make it to school.
  2. Please pick up and drop your child on time. This makes the child also aware of the importance of keeping time, being punctual from a very young age.
  3. Please notify us if your child is going to be late to school due to any reason, children coming in more than 1 hour late will not be taken in unless we have been informed in advance.
  4. In case your child takes ill, we suggest you keep him at home and bring him to school only after he has got ample rest and recovered well. This is in the larger interest of other children and staff.
  5. If your child falls ill during school hours we will immediately notify you, please come and pick up your child at the earliest.
  6. Children who come to school with fever will not be accepted into the class .Please make sure your child is fit to attend classes.
  7. If your child has been ill for a very long time and has missed school please bring along a fitness certificate on the day he has to resume classes. Please keep the school informed about the childs well being.
  8. Donot let your child wear any costly ornaments to school or fancy dangling earrings. we are not responsible for their safety or damage.
  9. Children are not permitted to bring any toys or other things from home. We prohibit these in the environment.
  10. In case you have changed your residence or mobile number, please notify the school of the changes.
  11. Please notify us if your child has any allergies or medical needs. We shall take the necessary precautions.
  12. Birthday parties can be celebrated by intimating us one day in advance or in the morning. we permit a parent to come and help in the cake cutting and distribution during the snack break. No return gifts, ballons, hats, whistles please.
  13. Sometimes a few things from the school can find their way home. Please do not scold your child but make him understand that they belong to a set/equipment and will be needed for use by all the children at school. Please return them to us the next day without worry.
  14. We are here a phone call away for your assistance , please call us for any doubts or queries.

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